How to Delete multiple friends on Facebook

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I realized that my friend list had become a bit over-crowded with people polluting my feeds with their game activity. Sure, I could have chosen to unfriend them without actually deleting them from my friend list, but I wanted to trim it up a bit just to keep things in control. I had been feeling that way for a while, but the problem of trying to clean up your friends list is that it feels like quite a  daunting task.

Try deleting multiple friends on Facebook, and you will realize that it was so easy to add them but really hard to delete later!

You have to hover on each of your friend’s name, Click on Friends and finally select ‘Unfriend’ from the long drop-down menu. Then, you have to wait for the page to reload and repeat the same step again and again in order to delete multiple friends on Facebook.

A quick Google search revealed a few promising browser plug-in that allows to you delete multiple friends on Facebook. Unfortunately, they were all outdated and eventually not working. So I ended up developing my own plug-in that you too can use if you ever find yourself is such a situation.

Delete multiple Friends on Facebook

How it works.

Once the plug-in installed, you should find a check-box next to your friends’ name. Tick each of them that you want to remove and click on ‘Delete Selected Friends’ buttons at the top-right.

For Firefox users:

1.Download and install Greasemonkey.

2.Install my plug-in Delete Facebook Friends (I could not find a better name – sorry :) ) by clicking on Install Button found on the top-right of the page.

3.Now head up to your Friend list page, tick the check-box to select which friends you want to remove on your Facebook and click Delete Selected Friends.

Plug in Updated : You can click on ‘Select all‘ button if you want to select all your friends first, and then uncheck those that you want to keep.

4.Tada ! You should now see a message informing you how many friends have been removed from your friend list.

Delete Facebook Friends in bulk plug in

 For Chrome users:

The steps to delete multiple friends on Facebook for chrome users are almost the same as for Firefox except that instead of installing Greasemonkey for Firefox; you need to download Tampermonkey for Chrome and repeat step 2 – 4 above.

In case, you do not see the ‘Delete Selected Friends’ button, refresh the page ( CTRL + F5).

That’s all folks! Here’s how you can bulk delete friends on Facebook in just a few seconds. Let me know in the comment section below if you encounter any problems.

Update (25 December 2012):

The script broke with the new Facebook layout. It seems that it has not been rolled out for everyone yet since I’m still under the old layout on my Facebook profile. I’ll have to wait for it to be rolled out for my profile in order to fix the script which should happen within the next few days. Leave a comment below, I’ll email everyone when the script is fixed.

Update (06 January 2012):

Apparently, the update has only rolled out to a relatively small number of Facebook users. Most of us are still under the old two-column timeline layout, and the script should work.

Update (27 January 2012):

Many of you reported that the plug in was deleting friends they’ve not selected. The issue was due to a Facebook layout update in the friend list section. They now have added tabs there. That’s what was causing the issue – when you click on ‘select all’ button, it actually selected all friends from the other tabs too. That’s why more friends were being deleted. I’ve released a hot-fix, please update the plugin. I’ve disabled the ‘select all’ button for now. You have to manually select friends you want to delete for the time being. I’m trying to find a work around to fix the ‘select all’ button.

  • DMickies

    i can’t install Delete Facebook Friends
    please, help me

    • Hayder

      What’s not working ? Can you please provide me with more details ? I will be glad to help you :)

  • Tim

    It all looks good on paper, but I have greasemonkey running with your add on and no tick boxes show up on the friends page… am I doing something wrong?

    • Hayder

      On the friend list page,try to do a hard refresh ( ctrl + f5 ) and let me know if it works ?

      • Scott

        I have the same problem as Tim had, however I’ve tried to use (ctrl + 5 ) and and nothing happens. I don’t get the tick boxes, and I don’t get a “Delete Selected Friends” button.

        • Hayder

          Hi scott. Post me a screenshot of your greasemonkey settings and your friendlist page so that I can better help you. I’ve just tested it under Firefox 17.0.1 and it works perfectly. Same on Chrome.

  • Tim

    It worked! Thanks. This is by far the best and ONLY method you should to use to mass delete friends. The other scripts out there don’t make sense (ie Only checking off friends you want to keep) where as your script just turned 5+ hours of work into a quick 15 minute job. It works exactly as you said it would, therefore it deserves a 10 out of 10.


    • Hayder

      Thanks Tim. I’m happy that this little tool was helpful to you. I would highly appreciate if you can leave a review on userscripts :) Have a nice day !

  • igbt88

    What’s the difference between the following two scripts? Are not they both from you?

    • Hayder

      The second one is not by me. Looks like someone else copied my source code and description !

      • igbt88

        ok, thank you! do you suggest greasemonkey or scriptish for running your script?

        • Hayder

          I’ve never used scriptish before so I can’t really tell you which one is better :) I did a quick Google search , it looks like scriptish is not so popular ( Alexa rank : 2 million + ) , fewer downloads as compared to Greasemonkey on Firefox website. So I would stick with GM for now :)

          • igbt88

            ok, thankyou! Yesterday I tried both and none worked at all. Today I restarted all over again and GM plus your script have worked as advertised! Thank you! :)

  • Dynasty

    can you add more feature such select all or deselect all please?

    • Hayder

      I was thinking about it too. I’ll do it next week end :)

  • yohannayalini

    i have no check box.. i do many times of this installations. and hard refresh.. but not work..not check box. pls help me

    • Hayder

      The hard refresh ( CTRL + F5) needs to be done on your friend list page. Also makes sure you have the script enabled in your browser. See screenshot here :
      If still it does not work, please provide me your browser version and a screenshot of your Facebook friend list page.

      • Nigel

        I am on Firefox 17.0.1 on my mac. I would love to use your script but I can not see the check boxes. I’ve tried a hard refresh with everything enabled but no luck :(

        • Hayder

          Hello Nigel, I’m under Firefox 17.0.1 too. I’ve just tested the script and it works fine on my side. Can you post a screenshot of your friendlist after doing CTRL + F5 and your greasemonkey settings just like I posted above?

  • Chaitanya

    Totally Rocks.. good work friend!!

  • Mike Edwards

    Needs a Check All button

    • Hayder

      It’s coming soon ! Wait for the update this week end Mike 😉

  • Keith

    Cheers worked a treat on FF 14.0.1 (had to CTRL+F5) but then all good 😀

  • farhan

    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankssssssssssss aloooooot <3 worked perfectly

  • rhifelt

    use this“username”/friends?ft_ref=mni
    change “username” with ur facebook username :)
    WORK 100%

  • hthx

    Waiting for the check all button !

  • switched

    iv’e been using this script lately but after i have updated it it does not seem to work, i’m using tampermonkey with it

    i got this too Features:”one or more compatibility options are set for you,you may want/should review them”

    • Hayder

      I’ve test it again on Chrome. It works perfectly on my side. Are you using other tampermonkey scripts ? Try to CTRL +F5 and let me know if it works.

      • switched

        nope only this script, been doing ctrl+f5 too been having no luck with it, i have already enabled it :(

    • Hayder

      I’m not able to reproduce this issue on my side. Try installing the latest browser and tampermonkey again. That should normally solve your problem.

  • rhifelt

    @SWITCHED, use this“username”/friends?ft_ref=mni
    change “username” with ur facebook username
    WORK 100%

    • switched

      hey thanks, i got it working now :)

  • shadow dweller

    Gotta wait for check all button. 3000 deletes is still pretty tedious without it. Thanks and I cannot wait for updated script.

    • Hayder

      I’m working on it right now. It should be ready tomorrow 😉

  • Antonella

    Ok. It works now, only if you access this link:

    Thanks for this awsome tuto!!

  • Hayder

    Plug-in now updated! A new button “Select all” has been added. ( See screenshot above). Enjoy 😉

  • N.Muktadir

    Dear Hyder

    At first i want to thanks you for your great updated script which seems like a robot for me and again i am feeling good on my routine works. Actually i am using this kind of script since 2010, but there are some problem with facebook, cause they regularly updating there system. So we hope that you will also update your script time to time.
    Again i want to delete friends of a certain group in that state can you help me by updating your script.
    Wish you Good Luck

    • Hayder

      Thanks for the feedback Muktadir. I’ll be my best to keep the plug-in up to date. I haven’t understood your last part about deleting friends in a certain group. Can you explain it to me in details?

      • N.Muktadir

        Hello Hyder,
        Thank you for your response. Let me me explain about my thought. Your script works only in my timeline, its good. Again If i want to delete only mutual friends then its mandatory to become friend with the person whom i already delete from my friend list and i also want to delete his or her friends from my list. But then its only showing the check-box but not the control div.
        Let me add another thing that i am talking about those profile where anyone can see mutual friends.

        Again, same way if i want to delete friends from a selected group its not showing the control div. Now i think it will be better if you remove the control div from top. And replace it permanently with a permanent button in the left or right side of profile which enable us a popup div with the current control panel and from then we can remove selected friends from anywhere, page, group, mutual friends, timeline friends.

        • Hayder

          Thanks for the feedback. I’ll look into this in the week-ends :)

  • Pec Proteus

    Hi, there is a bug with the “select all” option.
    The script delete more than the selected friends with the select all tab
    After searching friends with certain letters in their names, for instances “JE” and click at the “select all” tab to select all the friends with “JE” in their names.
    When the delete tab is pressed all the “JE” friends are deleted, but also some friends from the main friendlist.

    • Hayder

      Thanks for reporting the bug Pec. It’s now solved. Please update to 2.1 :)

  • Asad

    First of all Thanks for an awesome script. It really saved a lot of time.

    I have some suggestion or Request.

    1) Can you make an Invert selection, (that is DELETE ALL EXCEPT SELECTED).

    2) Can you make it work with Facebook Lists. ( Like remove all the friends in this list or Keep the friends in the list and remove others who aren’t.

    Thats it for now, I will update my requests/suggestion when i found/need more :p.

    Once again thanks for your hard work.

  • Naszh

    I cant seem to use this… i dunno but i had both grease n tamper monkey installed along with the plug-ins in both my mozilla and chrome, but when i heading up to my friends page, it wont show up anything. and when i click on the icon on the taskbar, it says “no script is running”
    can you please tell me what to do? i have tried to remove and re-install and repeat all the steps but it is still the same :(

    • Hayder

      Your friend list page url should be : Can you confirm you tried the script on this page? If it does not appear, press CTRL+F5 for a hard refresh.
      If it does not appear, Click on Greasemonkey icon>Manage User scripts and look for Mass Facebook Friends Deleter 2.1.Can you confirm that the script is there?

      • Naszh

        Oh great… it works now… and wow!!! this program is super awwwwwwsome!!!! so helpful and fast like a lightning… woot woot!! hahah thanks for creating this outstanding thing, Hayder ^_^

  • Bird

    The script does not enable on friend list page. :(
    Edit : Ok its works now. sorry :) Thanks anyway for your effort

  • Bird

    Ok its works now. sorry :) Thanks anyway for your effort

  • Deepak

    awesome, I just got relief from my 1460 unwanted friends. 😛 Thanks for this thing,

  • Fei Fei

    It’s worked!! Thank you :) What a relief :)

  • Maarten


    The script works perfect for me. Thansk alot for it.

    The new update (select all) button. looks nice. what happens when I first use the facebook filter to select friends beginning with an A. then press select all. Will it select all my friends or only the ppl that are visible ?

    • Hayder

      It will delete only the friends that are visible on the page.

  • Qian

    my fren delete her frens using this script
    but when she open her profile, he cant accept new ppl

  • Qian

    i delete my friends
    then after 1 day
    the friends tat i delete appears in my home page
    i can see their status and photo and more
    but i cannot accept more friends, that say friend is full

  • senad

    thanks bro you saved me 10 hours haw you need to pay you

    • Hayder

      You are welcome Senad :)

  • Maarten

    Thanks for the reply

  • coffee lover

    can i display only friends of one list and not all friends so i can then select all n delete them? if so how to do that? if no, what do you suggest for an alternative way, or do you plan to add this function?

  • Mudassir Israr

    hi i need ur help regarding 1
    Mass Facebook Friends Deleter
    i want select all and delete button on this page but it is not comming there
    only checkboxes are comming

    • Hayder

      Hello Mudassir,

      The plug-in will work only if you are on your friend list page

  • brett

    Can you tweak this to delete mutual friends? I have a full account 5k, and started another one. Problem is a lot of those people added me on the new one. I want different friends on the new one. I should have been more careful adding but I wasn’t. Anyways it would be a great tweak for me. The boxes show up on the mutual friends page already. but no delete button

  • Bellabilldouble

    ohh myyy i cant believe its work~!! thank you soo much~!! xDD i finally delete 4000+ thank you so much you really save my time~!! you are awesome thanks for sharing~!! may God bless you~!! ;D

  • Bryan

    Hello ,When im trying to Install it , I cannot bcoz it showing me -Anything like a “Script Page”
    There’s SS :
    Help Me Please ^_^

    • Hayder

      Hello Bryan,
      You have to click on ‘install’ button at the top on the page.

  • Courtney

    Worked like a charm :) thank you!

  • painterly

    thanks for your help

  • krystal

    Hi, i have the script installed along with greasemonkey, but when i go to my friends lists page there are no check boxes and i dont know how to do a hard refresh because i have a mac and the f5 buttons dont work. Please help 😛 thanks

    • krystal

      Also, when i am on my fb friends list page i click the little greasemonkey down arrow on the bar above and it says no istalled scripts running on this page and i tried all of the links above. Thankss

  • krystal


  • vishal

    superb bro
    thank u so much yar..

    • Hayder

      You’re welcome Yaar :)

  • annarose

    i cant install the delete facebook friends

    • Hayder

      Providing more details will be really helpful for me :)

  • karlz

    help me with this please i cant see the delete friend

    • Hayder

      Hello Karlz,

      Based on your screenshot, you haven’t install my script. You have just installed greasemonkey. That’s the reason you can’t see it. Here’s how it should look like:

  • Allen

    Will it work on a Mac with Safari

    • Hayder

      Hello Allen,

      I haven’t tested it on safari. But normally, it should work. You will have to install GreaseKit (instead of GreaseMonkey) and then install my script. Let us know if it works :) If not, I’ll try to port it on Safari too!

  • joey

    does this work even if you have timeline because i cant get check boxes to show up and i have tried ctrl+f5

    • Hayder

      Hi Joey,

      Please check if the plug-in is enabled in Greasemonkey?

  • Bobby

    Can you Help me Please…with the new facebook it doesn’t work.

    • Hayder

      Hello Bobby,

      It does work. I have just tested it on my side on both Firefox and Chrome. Can you please provide me more details why it’ s not working for you? Did you CTRL+ F5 on your friend list page?

  • Zeitgeist Explorateur

    very good script, bro. we thank you for your work
    but why do your buttons “select all” and “delete selected friends” only appear on my own friends list? i would like to delete all mutual friends which i can easily see by visiting someone else’s friends list. i have to delete over 300 friends and it would be nice if your script furthermore would load “see more” automatically as soon as i scroll down

    • Hayder

      Hello Zeitgeist,

      I’ll look into that and see if this feature can be implemented as it all depends on Facebook js/html source code.

  • Sanja

    Hello. My English is not good. I hope you understand me. It does not work for me. For non-Chrome and Firefox. I’ve installed the script. Is also observed for the greasemonkey is enabled. I get to select the box. But not the delete button. I did a year ago, ever used a script to delete. It might not work anymore. What else can I do? ‘ve tried crtl + F5 repeatedly. thank you

    • Sanja

      It works. A Add on from firefox was the problem. Great script and webside. thx

  • jondayunyor

    Hey man! this is awesome!

  • Ish

    I can’t seem to install it. The ‘Install’ button is not working at all. It appears to be disabled and “unclick-able”

    • Hayder

      Hello Ish,

      I have just checked it again. The install button is working fine on my side. Can you make a screenshot so that I can see how it’s appearing on your side?

  • maysam

    Great efficient script!
    I deleted 300 friends.

    it would be very nice if these features were added to the script:

    1- the script will be available on the other friends’ friend list (for example to select and delete mutual friends)

    2- there is more select options. for example automatically select people who have not profile pictures and fb shows default pictures for them. useful because most of deactivate or block friends doesn’t have profile pictures.

    3- auto click ‘see more’ at the below of friend list page to load all friends automatically.

    4- ask to refresh the page after deleting because the deleted friends are still available in the list until the page is refreshed.

    thanks for the great script :)

    • Hayder

      Hello Maysam,

      Thanks a lot for taking your time to write this feedback. I’ll take a look if these features can be easily implemented. :) ( It all depends on Facebook html/js source code)

  • Alexandra

    Thank youuuuuu !!!! You’re a sweetheart.since this morning I was deleting friends and I had enough:)) An now FINALLY I can finish the job.Thank you thank you

    • Hayder

      Lol you’re funny! I’m glad this plug-in was helpful to you. :)

  • Jimbo

    Thanks for your work. I have a custom friends list automatically created of people who no longer play Mafia Wars. Is there any way I could do this from a custom friends list instead of all friends? I have 1700 users to remove so trying to find them in the list of all friends would be very painful.

  • Maverick

    I am on google chrome … is there another way?

    • Hayder

      Yes, install Tampermonkey and then my script.

  • Cbrehm

    I want to delete all friends not in a specific FB list. Can this be done?

    • Hayder

      Hello Cbrehm. Unfortunately, this feature is not available for the time being.

  • Skye

    Hi! I’ve downloaded the 7zip file and greaase monkey for windows 7 but when I go to my Facebook friends list no boxes show up even after pressing control F5. Thanks in advance for any help! :)

    • Hayder

      Hello Skye, there’s no 7zip file in the process. Which file you are referring to? Can you see if there’s ‘Mass Facebook friends Deleter’ in your greasemonkey setting when you are on Facebook?

  • nidhin

    delete button is not seen please help

    • Hayder

      Hello Nidhin, on your friend list page, press [kbd]Ctrl[/kbd]+[kbd]F5[/kbd]

  • Irish

    Hi. I installed Tampermonkey but it doesn’t seem to be working. The boxes were there to select the unwanted friends but then there is no ‘Delete Selected’ button. I already did a hard refresh on the page but it is still not appearing. Help!

    • Hayder

      Can you post a screenshot of your friendlist page?

  • Irish

    Sure. Here is the link.

    • Hayder

      Thanks for the screenshot Irish. The script broke with the new Facebook layout. My Facebook profile is still using the old layout. I’ll have to wait for Facebook to roll out the new layout on my profile to be able to fix the script. I’ll email you back once the script is fixed. I guess it will take a few days more for the new layout to roll out worldwide.

  • Rei

    Thank u for this script this is very usefully.. but can you make update. some people like as me need remove with friend list method.. eg: I make new list: Corrupt in my friends list.. i need the script for remove all the friend in this .. not other friends.. Thank u

  • Rei

    What’s the difference between the following two scripts? Are not they both from you?
    CAUSE ” The last line of this script seems to inject a script to infiltrate your Facebook session and run a script downloaded from Dropbox (which could do just about anything).

    • Hayder

      Only the first one is from me. The second one indeed contains malicious code. I’ve tried to contact the admins of userscript but they do not seem to care about it.

      • Rei

        Thank u..
        but can u making update for this script..?
        many need some script for:
        1) Delete not active people in my friend’s list
        2) Can me change the language for this script.?

  • Jazi

    Please email me when the script is fixed. I have the updated version of facebook and it wont let me do it

    • Rei

      I think the script work perfectly in new facebook.. just hard refresh your browser (ctrl + F5)

      • Hayder

        @Rei: There’s currently a single-column timeline layout rolling out on Facebook which started a few days ago. Some users are reporting it’s not working. As for me, i’m still on the two-column layout and it’s working perfectly.

        @Jazi: Sure, I’ll email you as soon as it’s fixed.

  • Mike

    Please notify me when it’s fixed – thanks!

  • Jazi

    It has little boxes I can check next to my friends names but there is no Delete Selected Friend Button and I have tried the refresh thing

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    Thanks to this I have gone back to facebook! Got so fed up with the multitude of friends I had added in excitement that I disabled my account for a few months, now I’ve mass deleted and am back up and running!

  • Tyrone Green

    I cant seem to get it working for me. Does it not work with MAC?

  • Emma

    Thanks!!!!! it worked just fine!!!!!!

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    great Job… Thnx for helping us…its working very well (Y)

    It would be great to get you in my Fb friend list :)

  • Derek

    I installed both Tampermonkey for Chrome and your program and it is not working. I did the hard refresh (Ctrl + F5) and still no boxes show up. I read the comments and I was wondering if any progress has been made for the new layout.

    • Hayder

      Are you under the new single column layout? (If you are not sure yourself, post a screenshot link here). No progress has been made for the new single column layout. Facebook has not rolled it out on my side yet. :(

  • Sam

    This was really helpful! Good job there :) Thank you so much!

  • Tony Cook

    It will be soo helpful for me if this plugin works on the “Mutual friends” page of friends. Can you please try?


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    Thanx for a great guide. I was wondering if there was a facebook-way to do it. Nope! Thanks for your script.

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    You made my day.

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    Work 100 % for sure , i really thank you for this great tool , wish you can create a myspace version , well thanx apreaciated

  • jay

    saying having error due to macpro? any suggestions..thanks..

    • Hayder

      Can you give me the exact error message?

  • Adam

    Just want to say this was an excellent script, really simple to use & highly appreciate it, thank you!!

    • Hayder

      Thanks for the feedback Adam. I really appreciate it. :)

  • umayman

    worked amazingly perfect the first time!!!..

  • Pranay Tandel

    hi this script works great no doubt there i almost removed more than100 ‘frends…but what i notice is some of the frends i selected to delete were not deleted..otherwise ..awsome…good wrk dude

  • AllyBoBally

    Dude this site worked perfectly! thank you thank you thank you

  • Rishi Patel


    i’m on mac using chrome

    i get the check boxes but no deleted selected friends button.
    what should i do?

    • Hayder

      Press [kbd]CTRL[/kbd] + [kbd]F5[/kbd] on your friend list page.

  • kuletzxc

    Thank you for this wonderful script. Saved me a lot of time to remove many friends.

    More power to you.
    God bless

    • Hayder

      Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your comment. :)

  • Roxanne

    It usually worked perfect, but today, I selected 25 names and it actually deleted 63!!!
    Some of whom I am friends with!!!
    What’s going on???

    • Hayder

      Not sure what’s going on – may be you selected more friends by mistake?

  • Deaene

    Hi, I been using this very helpfull script and also wanna thank the creator.

    Since yesterday I been looking people readding their friends and saying that use it, is there a new update or this is just temp issue?

    • Hayder

      Hello Deane. I’m glad this was helpful to you. The plugin still works if you are on the two-column timeline (99% people are still on this layout).

  • Pupi

    Hello friend! not live without your scrip :)
    and today is working very badly. I have deleted people I did not want to delete. We are many in that situation, you can check please! (y)


    • Hayder

      Hello Pupi. You’re the second person reporting this issue. I’ll check that today in the afternoon and give you an update as soon as possible.

  • Julie

    Hi, thanks a lot for this tool, it’s been really helpfull…. I want to report the same issue Pupi reported. Me and several others that might haven’t reported this here, been having the same problem she had. We’ve been searching and accepting to delete some accounts and as a result we finished erasing people which turned out to be the closest friends we have.
    I think the issue presents when you search, like the script doesn’t “read” the result, instead selects the accounts from the start page of Friends (those are the most frecuently interacting friends we have).
    Well, what can I say… I loooove your script, hope you can fix it soon or FB starts working properly (cause we know it tends to work really weird sometimes).
    Thanks a lot!!

  • Miriam

    Hello my friend…impossible to live without this tool man and as the others I want to thank you so much but a couple days I deleted my best friends(the ones I chat more or my close friends) …I selected 25 and 63 were deleted… I was wondering maybe it was a Facebook bug but then I decided to let you know.. because I´m not the only one there to start being in panic lol .. thanks again xoxo

  • Deaene

    Everybody are having this issue but they don’t know where to ask for help 😉 and have the same timeline version as before, many ask me to add them too lol

    look at some post

  • Viviana

    when reading that this was happening to people , could not believe it and thought they were doing something wrong.
    But now it happened to me. :(
    I look forward your upgrade.
    The error happens when you click the button “select all”, after the search brings 25 counts.
    By selecting these 25 accounts manually, erases perfect as before :)

  • Dirk

    Hello Hayder,

    many thanks for this script it makes deleting friends so much easier.
    Many of my friends have reported the same issue as mentioned in the comments above. After a lot of testing we’re quite sure, that the “Delete Selected” function runs as expected, the error lies in the “Select all” function if you are in the “Find Friends” section of the friends list. This function selects more friends than are really visible. I posted your status on the page as a screenshot in some groups where me and my friends meet, so that they are informed that you’re already working on a bugfix. I’m a developer, too, so I know how hard it is to find a solution under pressure. Wish you all the best and hope for a fast fix :-) Maybe my hints are helpful to you.

    BR Dirk

    • Hayder

      Hello Dirk, thanks a lot for the details. Yes, the issue is with the ‘select all’ button. For the time being, I’ve disabled the button and release a new plug-in update. With the new Facebook layout, it’s not easy to fix this issue, I’m still working on it, but you can still use the plug-in safely. The only inconvenience is that you won’t be able to Select all friends automatically, you’ll have to do it manually.

      • zee

        its sounds good if , you are working on it .because its really sucks through 1 by 1 select friends.

  • lady pearl

    thanks, thumbs up! it works :)

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    Great script!
    there is any chance that the script will support delete mass members from group?

  • Carissa

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Although the “select all” button didn’t work I was still able to delete 100s of “friends” at a time :-) It only took about an hour to delete 1755 people. … probably shouldn’t have taken that long but I have a 2 yr old that was demanding attention in the process of doing it lol. Again thank you VERY much!!

  • Brad

    It isn’t working for me buddy:(

  • zee

    plz update this script ,,, because facebook says “select all script is disabled because of changes in fb layout” so plz update it….

  • Mohit Jangid

    hey I need your help again…
    Can you please gimme a script to suggest all friends to any friends..(should be clicked all suggestion auto at Once all )

    Sorry i could not upload pic
    but you are Expert so hope you can understand what i want :)

  • Bill

    it will be well more.
    if it can delete all friends in one list.

  • Ahmet

    And it’s down again.

    It should be messing up with new graph search UI.

  • AvaWrath

    The Select all button has been disabled due to a recent change in Facebook layout. It will be updated in the next version of this plugin.

  • dausz san

    thanks dude! it works for me! btw hope you can find solution for selected all issue!

    gud job!! thumbs up 100x

  • Tony Cook

    This select all script for Chrome with the plugin will work, while they fix the plugin.

    // Paste into Firebug or Chrome Dev Tools console
    // when viewing a page with multiple checkboxes.

    (function(d) {
    var input = d.getElementsByTagName(‘input’);
    var i = input.length;

    while (i–) {
    if (input[i].type === ‘checkbox’) {
    input[i].setAttribute(‘checked’, ‘checked’);

  • Jawad

    I am using latest version of firefox and this plugin is not working for me. It is installed but there no check box with the names of friend. I refreshed page several times,

  • chelsy

    i am so happy with this it worked awesome! thx so much i put a link on my walll!!!!

  • emil

    is the “select all” button updated as of today? if so can you help me with the url to that update

  • Shweta Ghosh

    It works! And is doing a great great job. Thank you so much for the script.

  • trinvh

    You can download the application for delete multi friends on facebook :

  • Matt

    Would you be interested in making something similar to this which can remove likes from Facebook pages?

    I’d be more than happy to sponsor the development of it.



  • Pupi

    Hello friend!
    The scrip is not working :'( check this, please!!!

  • Terrius


  • Miriam

    My friend… I can´t live without this script…The Sims Social and Facebook can´t survive… please fix it… pleaaaaaseee.. TNX

  • Someone

    Yeah, it just stopped working. The Delete button works (tried clicking it with no boxes ticked and it responded), but when the boxes are ticked it doesn’t do anything. I hope this info helps you.

  • Deaene

    The Script is not working :S:S:S:S: anymore??

  • imay

    i just i cant delete!!! i dont know why.. =(

  • imay

    me needer… when i want 2 delete the selection nothing happens :( i am so dissapointed i want 2 delete more than 3000 “friends” … )=

  • Vivi

    Hello dear friend! Please check your scrip.
    I’m dying without it ‘
    Thanks for everything!

  • Irfan Febry

    sorry to bother you bro, but it won’t delete the selected friends anymore T______________T

    can you fix it please?

  • barditza

    Yesterday wark great. Today is not working. I press delet selected frients… and nothing. I instal from begining in chrome and mozzila… but not working. i have 3000 friends to delete:) please fix

  • Jawad


  • Gabriela

    Hi, since yesterday, the script does not work, I hope you update soon!
    thank you very much

  • ED420

    Delete friends button not responding, no action, action, no loading, no nothing.

  • Dirk F

    Seems like another Facebook design update for the friends list stopped your great script from working again :-/ Could you please have a look at it? Need to delete also >2500 friends 😮
    Thanks a lot for your great work and hope you can fix it soon :-)

  • Christopher Wailes

    I am running your script on Chrome and having a similar issue to above posters.

    Everything runs smoothly until I actually try to use the delete selected friends button, and then nothing happens. As if the button did nothing at all.

  • Mike

    Doesn’t seem to work on either Firefox or Chrome now. When I click on the “Delete Selected Friends” button nothing happens.

  • April K

    How far away is the script from being fixed?
    I have a lot of people on my facebook and am currently going through attempting to delete them so the fights with my partner over the people on my account stop. I used to be horrible and accept everyone now I regret this more then anything haha.

  • BX

    The button doesnt work anymore. Please fix it

  • Jenn K

    Script is not working. The delete button is there, but when you click it (using Chrome or Firefox) nothing gets deleted.

  • arey

    is this for real??? i cant find the delete all friends or delete friends. i installed everything said in the instruction but nothings happened

  • Antonella

    Hello. The script doesn’t seem to work properly now. The “Delete Selected Friends” button is not working and can’t delete friends. Only allows me to select them but not remove them.
    Please fix it. Thank you very much.

  • Tony Cook

    I have been trying to do clear out of friends for the past year, using all type of tools. But as facebook keep changing nearly every day, the tools don’t work anymore. The tool that I used last night from still painful slow and it keep crashing. Over a year ago over night by a error facebook added over 55000 friends who I don’t know. I have managed to get it down under 4000, but I need a tool that works. Does anyone have any ideas.

  • Shinzow hives

    Hi there, the script does not work any more ! Help

  • Jenn K

    You say that you hate spam, but yet I am unable to unsubscribe from updates to this posting. When I click on the link, it takes me to a “page not found”.

  • Ann

    I tried this, and it worked, but when i clicked on button delete selected friends, it didn’t work. can you tell me why because i really want to delete many friends

  • Court

    hi, your script is amazing in theory but doesn’t seem to be working at the moment :-( All the check boxes are there but no ‘delete friends’ button. I’m running firefox, the script is enabled and also using a mac if that helps.
    Hope you’re able to fix it soon!! And dammit Facebook for keeping on chaning things so we can’t make it better, someone needs to rival them already.

  • Jazi

    Hey its not working on the brand new facebook layout for friends

    please help!!

    • Jazi

      Its showing the boxes but not a place to click delete

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