How to find out who blocked you on Facebook

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Were you blocked on Facebook recently?

It is no fun to find out you were blocked on Facebook. It can be incredibly awkward as well, especially if you have to interact with that person face-to-face regularly (Anyone can relate to?). Unfortunately, Facebook does not offer any official tool or features to help you find out why you can no longer see someone’s profile.

However, there are some hints that can help you discover whether you have been blocked or the profile you are looking for, has simply been disabled. Let’s explore those hints to help you find out who blocked you on Facebook now.

who blocked you on Facebook

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1. Dig into old conversations

If you are curious enough to find out if someone blocked you on Facebook, it is likely that you were somehow connected to that person, and you probably had a conversation with him or her in the past on Facebook chat. So jump to your Facebook inbox and search for that person’s conversation. If you see the Facebook’s default picture next to the person’s name and their name at the top is no longer clickable, you know that person has disabled his profile.

who blocked you on Facebook

Default Facebook profile picture: It indicates that you have not been blocked but the user has disabled his account.

In case you can still see the person’s display picture and the link is not clickable, this means that the person has likely blocked you.

Profile picture is viewable: This means you have been blocked.

Profile picture is viewable: This means you have been blocked.

2. Report conversation

Another way to find out who blocked you on Facebook is by going on the Report Spam or Abuse option. Open the conversation thread that you had with that person. At the top, click Actions button and select Report Spam or Abuse. On the new window, choose the third option Report conversation participant(s) [..] and click OK. Who delete you on Facebook Report Abuse Facebook delete block

A new window will pop up. Next to the person’s name you will either see ‘Blocked‘ or ‘Report‘. If you see ‘Blocked’, this confirms that you were blocked by this person. If you see ‘Report’ instead, it simply means that the person has disabled his profile.

Not everyone would feel comfortable in trying this one as you may fear that Facebook takes action for reporting your friend. Rest assured, I have personally used this option several times without any issue.

3. Search through Friend list

Another method to find out if you have been blocked is by searching for that person in your Friend list (assuming that you were friends before on Facebook). In the search box, type the person’s name.

In case the result returns with the default profile picture, click on it to go to his or her profile page. If the user has disabled his or her profile, you will get a pop up with the message: This account has been deactivated. However, if you cannot find that person in the search result, this confirms that you have been blocked.

Facebook user disabled profile or blocked me

4. Ask Mutual Friends

Chances are that you remember your mutual friends with that person. Go ahead and inquire about the person whom you suspect has blocked you. Ask them if they are able to see him or her in their friend list recently, or if they can view his or her profile. If they can, this means you have been blocked on Facebook.

5. Find profile Link

Sometimes you might feel awkward to inquire about your missing friend to mutual friends. If this is your case, try to access his profile link and see if you are able to see his profile, I recommend you to try this on a brand-new Facebook account. If you cannot see his profile, it is likely that you will get the message as in the screenshot below:

Facebook profile or disabled

The above message means that either you were blocked or the user’s profile has been deactivated. The only way to confirm it is to try to access the profile on a new Facebook account. If you can access it, this means you were eventually blocked.

If after trying the mentioned methods above and found out that you were indeed blocked by a friend, you should not worry or feel irritated at all about it. If someone decides to block you, you should not allow this to interfere with your personal life. Just move on with your normal activities. After all, you don’t wake up every morning to please everyone on the surface of this earth. :)

94 Comments to How to find out who blocked you on Facebook

    • I’m glad this tip was useful to you Cristan :) I’ve updated the screenshots to reflect to the Facebook layout change.

  1. awesome info! You are the only one that I have read with the info in #1 and I have been trying to find out this info, so totally helped me!

    • I’m happy you found this post useful 😀 I found out this trick a while ago when I was trying to report someone one fb.

  2. I am curious, when you tried to report the person did it say blocked? And if so does it not allow you to also report them even if it does say blocked?

  3. If I still can see a friend on my llst but blank profile picture. When I chick his name it shows:This account has been deactivated. Only you can see Steven on your friends list. You have the option to unfriend XXXX

    is that means I ‘ve been blocked by this person or he is truely deactivated his account? btw, I can’t find him on our mutual .friend’s page too.

  4. lol it worked!! Being the skeptic guy that I am, I asked someone to block me and it does appear.

    Do you think this is a FB glitch?? I think it is and they will fix it once more and more people find this out.

  5. The report option showed up under messages and then i searched the person’s name while signed out and I found out they blocked me. I’m not sure if #1 works.

  6. Thank yo so much a long friend of mine blocked me coz she thinks she doesn’t know me,your 1st trick in this article helped me with this,now i’ve really broke friendship for my good,thank you for helping me Hayder…:)

  7. I tried number one and sadly saw that my “gf” blocked me. When I asked her about it she denied it and said she deleted her account. My brain is telling me that she is lying, but I want to believe her. Is there any possibility that she only deleted it but for some magical reason it says blocked? I doubt it, magic isn’t real! :(

  8. Does tip #1 still work? Or not from mobiles?

    I went to the conversation and couldn’t find the report conversation button.

  9. #1 sounds good, but if I do that will it actually report the person or is there another step to confirm whether you actually want to report them or not? I would only want to see what the status is – not actually report them.

  10. hey there
    how can i see the page of person who blocked me or blocked his or her name search in fb

  11. Hi Hayder,

    When I tried the trick number one, I get the popup window where I can either block email or unblock. What does this mean? When I click on the Facebook user it says, the account has been deactivated ?

  12. Yesser Meherzi

    unfortunly it doesn’t work, i think it’s because of th firefox update, wouldu please help me :/ i have 1900 friend that i want 2 deleten thanks :)))

  13. After I found that profile, can I block him/her back? To make sure that person dont on and off unblock me to check what happen on me.

  14. I just tried this on a multi-person conversation. The “Report” status showed up on everyone that still has an active profile, even on the person who I think disabled hers.

    So, the “Report” status does show up for people who have active accounts.

  15. Thanks for information ,then i will find the report conversion shows how to send the message for the blocked person.SUGGEST ME…………

  16. Okay..I have more complicated case..The person who I am not able to see is visible to others to the best of my knowledge and I can even search her up in the search..but when I click on it the link comes up as broken and I can see his profile picture,He is visible for a friend of mine but not for me..I have the messages with me and Doing what you said it asks me if I want to report it or not..but no block thingy comes up….Also his name is blacked out!!!…(the person is known for deactivating his account several times)

  17. Hi
    Thanks for your article. I think I may have been blocked by a non friend as I may have sent a friend request but I cant be sure. Maybe im being paranoid but I checked their page today and cant find it anymore. I then searched for them through 2 other accounts and they cant be found here either. I looked through pages of this persons friends and she is not showing up under their list of “friends” either so am I blocked or is the page deactivated?

  18. I have a porblem with another person blocking me and using my friends password. she has found it once and unblocked me but I am blocked again. she will not change her password for some reason, instead randomly activates and deactivates her page to keep the spies confused. this gets very complicated. She has come up with some interesting tricks of her own I can tell you about if you are interested. I could text directly to her phone to say I’m blocked but I don’t want to because I suspect there is also spyware on the phone. this is serious spying going on in a large family and they are very good at it. I’m working on ways around it. If I make a scond ID there are very quick to block it if I use it to communicate. I was not able to make #1 work from my phone could not find the report action. I will try from computer tonight.

  19. Can someone tell me if my friend has deleted her account then can I see her likes? I went to one of her friends facebook page and her comments have disappeared but her like is still there. When you click on it to see her fb page the like thumb disappears.
    I’ve check all her friends fb pages and she is not under their friend list either. I made a fake account and still can’t find her. Could she of blocked everyone or deleted her account.


    • Keith, I have tried to replicate this scenario with my Facebook account. I have noticed that if you either block someone or disable your own account, you can’t see who liked the post and the total likes does not decrease in both case! If you can’t find her from a fake account, then it is most probably that she disabled her account. Hopefully, this helps!

  20. my friend just blocked me and i don’t know why. Maybe because I’m the cousin of his first ex-girlfriend. :)

    • Sad to hear this! I have been in a similar situation a few months ago 😉 I was blocked on Facebook by my ex-girlfriend’s sister 😉

  21. I have had people appear unavailable before then they have come back. If i was unsure if i was blocked, would that person also appear unseeable if say one of my friend looked for that person
    meaning if im blocked does it also block my friends from that person

    • If someone has blocked you, you will be the only one who will not be able to look at his profile. Your friends will be able to see his profile unless that person blocked your friend as well. Hopefully, I have answered your question.

  22. I think I have been blocked by two ex’s in the messenge’s they both say “Facebook user” and one has their picture I can still see?? What does this mean?

    • If you can see her picture, then most probably you have been blocked. Try the second method explained in my article above, this is the most accurate method to verify if you have been blocked or not on Facebook.

  23. My girlfriend says she is not on facebook anymore since I found out she was chatting with old bfb. but yet I see her profile pic and name in the chat sidebar with picture of cell phone next to her. I asked and she said she is not signed in on any of her mobile devices. so the next day she still shows in chat sidebar but there is no cell phone next to her name its just blank. does that mean she is still on there and just figured out a way to block what I see? Last week was her birthday, she always gets tons of happy birthdays from friends and family on facebook. last week, none, not a single one. Something seems awful fishy.

    • Hi Bill. Normally when you see the mobile icon in the chat bar, it means the user is logged in on Facebook via a mobile device. If you no longer see the cellphone icon, this means she has logged out or she’s appearing offline.

      If you’re no longer seeing her friends’ birthday wishes on her wall, there’s two reason why. Either her birth-date is hidden on her profile and it will obviously not be displayed in her friends’ feed or she has restrict you from seeing posts on her wall. This can be tweaked via privacy settings.

      It’s almost impossible (in my opinion) to not receive birthday wishes on Facebook except for the two reasons previously mentioned. Hopefully this help! :)

  24. Thanks for your reply,
    She still says she isn’t on facebook or blocking me in any way and that she said facebook has something wrong to show her in chat window because she hasn’t been logged in for a couple months. I think she is lying to me. it just doesn’t make ant other since.

  25. When I got a friends profile into old conversations through message their name is black with no profile picI did the report thing and it said the profile is inactive. Does this mean I’m blocked or they deactivate the page?

  26. true that. I thought I was just being nice, but definitely misinterpreted by all means. That person did me a favor.

    • Yes, it is possible to find out when someone blocked you. There’s an online tool at that allows you to track your friend list. It sends you an email notification each time someone is missing from your friend list.
      However, you’ll not be able to find out who blocked you in the past before signing up to that site.

  27. How come in messanger I can still see my friends profile pic. I found both methods effective but wonder why I see the profile pic?

  28. Ok here goes…

    I have a male friend that has his daughter listed in his friends list (add friend).

    Has been like that for as long as I can remember.

    Now, his daughter’s name has disappeared and he has told me on his ‘end’ that his daughter’s name is still visible on his friends list.

    Could he have blocked or restricted me from requested her as a friend?

    Or was it her Mom who has control over her daughter’s fb account that blocked me?

    I am still friends with him but not his daughter or his ex.

    Thank You…..

  29. Hi

    Any tips on the Groups in facebook. We have a group and one Idiot who keeps joining with false names and causing all kinds of trouble.

    • Bailey Inez Evans

      Best to look at the profile and see when it was created. Also, see mutual friends or friend list in general if they only have a few friends it’s most likely a fake. Good luck with your group. KCCO

  30. Before when blocked the profile picture wasn’t visible and it would say “Facebook user”. Now that they have made changes I’m curious, if you block someone are they still unable to see your comments? Life if you comment on a mutual friends status? Or would they see your picture and non ckickable name?

  31. What about seeing his name mentioned in an old post by another person (by the @) and you see it it gray (? does it mean block or can it also be deactivating??

  32. Ivo Arnaudov

    Hello ! Nice article 😉 When i searched my old text messages some of the people had their profile pictures and names while others were named ”Facebook user” but when i checked with the ”report thing” (2nd method) it said ”report” to everyone. So they have deactivated their profiles ? Thank you :)

  33. Caoimhe mcmenamy

    A boy had blocked me but he doesn’t know me and I don’t know him cause he liked my pp and I didn’t like his he blocked me but why would he though ?

  34. Daniel Moore

    Ok I have a question, when I look on someones past post and I only see half the conversation, like it will say 6 commits but only 4 are there what does that mean?

    • hayderabbass

      Daniel, I have encountered this issue before. There’s 2 possibilities:
      1. When someone leave a comment and then disable his account. There’s a discrepancy between the total comments shown at the top and the actual comments.
      2. The user has probably blocked you that’s why you won’t see his/her comments.

      To confirm that you have not been blocked, access the comments through another profile. If you can see it, then it means that user has blocked you. If you still cannot see it, that means the user has disabled his profile. Unfortunately, there’s no way know who left the comment. Hopefully, this helps!

  35. Anyone know if this is a bug or whats up?
    On PC facebook they’re still on my friends list but their picture is the blank default image and name is black. Their messages are still in my inbox and theyre on my friendslist. If I search they dont show up, they arent on mutual friends profiles, and cant find them while on someone elses account either. On mobile FB their picture is there and the last time they were online, but I cant send messages. If I click them on friends list it says theyre deactivated…
    Im assuming its just deactivation?

  36. OK…I got one for you….. someone NOT a friend on my FB (an extended family member who doesn’t like step-mom) blocked me, and it’s so bad that Google doesn’t find them, all 12 other family members who had her listed in their friends – I can’t see her in there either! It’s as though she disappeared completely. But, my friend can find her easily just by typing in her name. So, is that what a “block” does? Affects Google as well as Facebook? or my biggest concern, did someone hack my computer. anyone?

    • hayderabbass

      Hello Jeepers,

      If you or your famiily members are unable to see the profile in Facebook, it clearly means he/she blocked you all. The reason this profile does not appear in Google but can be searched by your friend on Facebook is because that user has tweaked his/her profile settings so that it does not appear in Google. This can be done from Settings > Privacy. See under the label “Do you want other search engines to link to your Timeline?”

  37. I have a question to ask: A friend on mys Facebook profile seems to show up on my friends list in the afternoon. However, after 6:00 Facebook says the person’s account is deactivated. Anyone have an answer?

  38. I had blocked an ex a while back and within the past month I have been able to see her profile on facebook, even friend request if I want. Ive searched and checked mutual friends a couple times and its as if she is blocked, other times can see her. Yes she is still on my block list, I did check.

    • Dre,

      If you can see her profile and send her a friend request even though you have blocked her, it is likely that she created an identical profile as the one you have blocked.

      • Thanks!
        I had thought the same thing as well. However, it does not stay that way. I dont know how long it lasts, its almost like a glitch.
        The first time it happened, I was shocked, checked a couple days later and could not see her. Then it happened again but same thing couple days, gone.

  39. Hi, “report conversation” method isn’t working. I told a friend to block me intentionally, he blocked me, and when i go to conversatition window of a message sequence, i’m still able to report the conversation, no “block” text is written as impliend on step 3. Why?

    • Hello Kimi,

      I have just tried to reproduce the scenario on my side with two different Facebook accounts, it still works like a charm! Make sure when you click on the Report Button, you select the third option i.e (Report conversation participant(s) for harassing or threatening me.) and click OK. You should see it AFTER doing these steps.

  40. I have a question, my ex blocked me, ok that is not a problem. the problem is family pictures that my ex was tagged in are now gone, I can no longer see them. how do I get them back

  41. What does a speaker with a slash through it mean on bottom left on messenger where the dot or dot pic show if read or recived

    • hayderabbass


      The speaker icon in Facebook messenger is used to send voice message to your friends. If there’s a slash on it, it most probably means that it is disabled.

  42. It still works. I have just tried it a few minutes ago. Make sure when you click on “Report Spam and Abuse”, you choose the third option i.e “Report conversation participant(s) for harassing or threatening me.”.

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