Find out who is using a fake profile photo on facebook

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have received a friend request from a very attractive girl and find yourself asking whether it is her or not in her profile pictures? Trust me, you are not alone! I’m sure many of us have been in a similar situation.

Identify fake profile on facebookIt is very common nowadays  to see people use celebrity pictures or  some cute girl pictures from the Internet and upload it as their profile pictures on social networking-sites.

There are many reasons why they do that. Sometimes it is because they don’t like to put their own photos online, or they just upload a fake Facebook photo to get more friend requests from opposite sex.



Identify fake profile photos on Facebook

Last month I wrote an article about how you can identify a fake Facebook profile based on the content or nature of the profile itself. In this post, I will show you how you can take advantage of reverse image search technology to find for images by uploading an image.

This method is pretty handy if you are wondering if your new acquaintance is using a fake picture or not.

1. Go to Google Image and click on the camera icon in the right corner of the search bar. A new window will pop up where you will be prompted to upload an image from your computer or from a URL.

Using Google Image to find for fake Facebook photo


You can either download and save your acquaintance’s Facebook photo and upload it, or you can directly paste his or her photo link in Google Image. If your friend’s photo is private, you can also use the small picture that appears on his or her profile. To get the image link, right-click on the photo and select Copy Image Location if you are under Firefox. On Chrome, click Copy Image Url.

2. After uploading your image, click on search. If the photo has been taken from the web, Google Image will return all web pages where this photo is present. Based on the results, you will definitely be able to judge whether the photo of that cute girl on Facebook is genuine or not.

With this powerful method, you can now easily find out who is using a fake profile picture on Facebook or any social-networking  websites. If you are still suspicious about his or her profile picture, check out my previous article on 10 tips to identify fake profiles on Facebook.

  • Arshdeep Singh

    Very Smart keep Going Bro :)

    • Hayder

      Thank you :)

  • ShanzRyo

    I need a trick that can delete an account FB account using report plsss reply

    • Hayder

      Hello. May be you should try create several Facebook accounts and report the target profile. After a certain no. of reports, this user will no longer be able to login unless he/she sends her id card to facebook to confirm his/her identity.

  • ShanzRyo

    What kind of report should i use?

    • Hayder

      Not too sure if your question is related to this article? Can you be more precise?

  • ShanzRyo

    Ok to make it clear i want you to make a trick or something that can help me delete someone from Facebook using Report

  • Justin

    There is no camera icon on my google images

    • Dippe

      You have to wait for that page to fully load. It is always the last think to load on my side.

  • Katt

    Just letting you know, you are awesome. I have now busted a few people who I knew were fake but didn’t know how to prove it lol. Thanks!

  • sakib

    suggest a software which can download satelite maps ( from googe earth)

  • Amirul

    Problem: I’ve just converted my facebook profile to page.
    I want to reverse ( convert back to my facebook profile from page)
    They need my ID.

    How can I get my own ID? Why I need to choose file? What file I need to choose?

  • Dashr

    This doesn’t work anymore. I even tried using my own fb profile picture and the search results didn’t show my account.

  • Robert

    I just realized a girl has been lying to me about his pics since 2 years!

  • james james

    this is completely useless and hardly new.

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