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Launched in 2004, Gmail is undoubtedly one of the most-used  email services with over 350 million active users across the globe. Here is some of the Gmail features that you might not be aware of that can save you big time, whether you use it on a personal or business level.



1. Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

You can save time by using keyboard shortcuts to do common tasks while using Gmail.The following keyboard shortcuts are probably the most used frequently used ones and this will allow you to easily navigate, open, delete and manage your messages. However, you need to enable this feature first to be able to use it.

To enable it, you need to open Gmail, navigate to Settings and then under the General tab, you will see Keyboard shortcuts.Click on ‘keyboard shortcuts on’ to enable it.

Here are some of the most  important keyboard shortcuts:

C – Compose new email
/ – will move your cursor to search box
g, followed by i – takes you to inbox
r – for replying to a message
tab – sends a message when followed by Enter
# – deletes a message
z – undo (reverses your previous action)

You can have a full list of all supported keyboard shortcuts from Google Support page.


2. Sorting your email messages by author

Gmail gives you the flexibility to sort your email by author.You need to go the search box present at the top inside your Gmail account and type – from: email address of a contact and then hit the Enter button to initiate the search. For example: Alternatively, you can search for all the emails that you sent to an email address by searching to: email address of a contact. The same way you can search cc: email address of a contact, to get the list of messages that were sent to that email address.

In case you do not know the email address, you can simply search by using the domain name of the sender/receiver. You can do this by typing – from:@domain name in the search box. For example, you can search by typing from:@hotmail and hit Enter to see a list of messages that you received/sent from all the Hotmail users.


3. Sorting emails that you have not read yet

In your Gmail inbox, you may have some messages that you have not read or opened yet. If you have over 1000+ messages in your inbox, searching manually for unread messages can be a daunting task.

You can search for unread emails by typing the following command below in your gmail search box :

is:unread in:inbox – inbox messages.

is:unread in:trash –  Trash folder.

is:unread in:spam – Spam folder.

is:unread in:anywhere – all your unread messages present in Inbox, Sent, Trash and all custom folders you created.


4. Backup your Gmail messages

You can easily backup your Gmail messages by automatically forwarding a copy of all the received messages to another email address. To do this, you need to create a new email account on Gmail. For example, if you own, you need to create a new email account  for example:

In your main Gmail account, go to Settings and then go to Forwarding and POP/IMAP and then click on Add a forwarding address and add your new gmail account that will be used as a back up. The next thing you need to do is to  Create a new filter.On the same screen ,click on Filter Tab  and you need to enter your primary Gmail address in the ‘From’ section and then put a check mark for ‘Has attachments’. Click on Create filter with search>> and on the next screen, you need to put a check mark at ‘Forward it to’ and add your  alternate Gmail address (for example, . You also need to put a check mark for ‘Also apply filter to x matching conversations’. This way, backup of all your existing and incoming messages will be created on your alternate Gmail address.


5. Getting information of your recipients.

Does it happen to you that you receive an email from a person that you do not know ( or probably you know ! ) but you feel awkward to ask details about them? Rapportive is a free third party plugin that can be added to your Gmail which will show you will see various kinds of information on the email sender. For example ,You can learn about his profile on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter or Skype ID.



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