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It is not always easy to find the right applications to edit your photos on your iphone. Between all the application for photo editing on the apps store,  sometimes you have to search to find the correct software to retouch photos. I have selected  five software for photographers who want to manipulate photo from their Iphone.

  1. 360 Panorama
  2. Camerabag
  3. Light Meter
  4. Photoshop Express
  5. MoreLomo and MoreMono
  • 360 Panorama

Powerful and intuitive, “360 Panorama” can take pictures at 360 ° even if you know nothing. With a scanning system using camera and storing images, the software restores your environment quickly. A must-have  application to if you would like to create panoramic pictures from your Iphone .
Price : $0.99



  • Camerabag

CameraBag” can provide a quick style to your original images. Usage is quite simple and intuitive, you load an image from your library or go directly to your photo, then you choose the filter you want to use on your shot, “Helga”, “Colorcross”, “Instant”, “1962” “Cinema”, etc.. The best-known styles are present, as the effect Holga, Polaroid and black and white contrasts. The editing is effective and degrade very little your original file.
Price: $1.99

  • Light Meter

Finally, a technical tool for photographers who want to learn and progress. With Light Meter, users can use this in their phone enabling them to measure light, to manage the exposure according to the parameters chosen. Furthermore, note that the software has a Logbook, which saves the settings when shooting with the corresponding image: a log book is very useful to learn from mistakes and improve photos.
Price: Free


  • Photoshop Express

With Photoshop Express you can edit photos, correct the brightness, contrast, crop, etc.. Adobe also has a free application for smartphone who is a best-seller among photographers. This version was specifically adapted for use on mobile: you choose the action you want to do, crop, brightness or other and then sliding the finger across the screen from right to left or vice versa,we can increase or decrease the chosen effect.

Price: FreePrice: Free


  • MoreLomo et MoreMono

In the same style as “CameraBag,” “MoreLomo” and “MoreMono,” add an effect “old school” to your images. The first one increase the contrast and adds a “vintage” effect with a special color touch,  giving a typical appearance of photos taken with a Lomo, an old Russian camera back in fashion lately. The second is a little more unique, as it transforms your photo in black and white while keeping the red color. A very nice effect that will attract fans.


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