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When you install a new Operating System on a computer, or if it came with a pre-installed OS, chances are that your computer name might look a little cryptic with names like DESKTOP-3PGQEKS.

In fact, the computer name is also known as the NetBIOS name. It is a friendly name consisting of 15 characters that is used to uniquely identify the machine when you are connected to a Network.

In order to communicate with another machine on a Network, you have to know the IP address of the targeted machine. This is quite unrealistic considering that you do not want to remember all the IP addresses connected to your network. This is where the computer name can be handy. Once you have set one, you can connect to the computer on the network by specifying its name instead of its IP address.

Changing your computer name is a common task especially for Network Administrators and fairly straightforward process.

There are several ways you can Change your Computer name in Windows 10. Here are 3 methods how you can do it:

Method 1: Change Computer name from Windows Run

  • Press CTRL+R to open the Run Window.

  • Type sysdm.cpl to open the System Properties window. Just in case you are curious to know, sysdm.cpl allows you to control the various tools in Control Panel on the command prompt.

  • Run Window SysDM.cpl
  • Click on the Computer name tab to change the Computer description field.

  • change computer name Windows 10 System Properties

Method 2: Change Computer name from Setting Menu

  • From the system start menu, select Settings.

  • Start Menu - Settings
  • From the Settings Window, click on System and then the About tab.

  • Click on the Rename PC button to change your computer name.

  • About Section - rename computer name Windows 10
  • Once you have entered it, restart your computer for the computer name to change.

Method 3: Change Computer name from the command line

  • Press CTRL+R and type cmd to open up your command prompt.

  • Run Window Command Prompt
  • Paste the following command, to change your computer name.
  • wmic computersystem where name="%computername%" call rename name="your-new-computer-Name"

    change pc name on command line


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