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Like Firefox  and Internet Explorer, Google Chrome has a smart address bar that allows you for not only search but also calculations or even  translations. Discover the hidden talents of the bar “Omnibox” by Google Chrome.

Like in any browser, with  the address bar of Google Chrome you can directly enter the URL of a site you want to visit. However, Chrome offers an intelligent bar which while typing, automatically provides suggestions based on sites already visited, and search terms used frequently by Google.

However, the bar Omnibox imparts many other qualities!

Get results as you type in

If you want to search directly in Google’s search engine, start by entering “?” then the query as you would have entered in The Google results page will then appear as soon as you validate the input by pressing [Enter].

Perform instant calculations in the omnibox

The bar can perform calculations or conversions instantly.
For example, try typing the following:

  • 2 * 25+ 121
  • 175 km in m
  • 17 inches in cm

Perform translations

The address bar of Google supports the OpenSearch standard. Therefore it can be taught  all sorts of new engines like Google Translator or Wikipedia.The below steps shows you how to add a shortcut to use google translator to translate from English to French right from the address bar  :

  • Right-click in the address bar.
  • – Select Edit search engines

  • – Click on Add
  • – In the Name field, enter “Google Translation”
  • – In the Keyword field, enter “TRANS”
  • – In the URL field, enter “|fr|%s”

  • – Hit Enter and Close this window .
  • – In the address bar, enter “TRANS good morning everybody”



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Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

thanks for sharing this usefull trick ! :D