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Among all Google services, Google map is one of the most successful product.It’s integration with its search engine has made it even more popular. This is why whether you own an enterprise, or you work from home;you should consider listing your business on Google Maps. It will not only make local people find you,  but also expose your business to a worldwide audience.


This can give you a boost both in terms of revenue and popularity. People can also leave feedback and rate your enterprise but be careful, listing your business on google map can be  a double-sided sword. The feedback may not always be positive, and this may influence potential customers searching for your business on google. Nevertheless, the most important is that your business is exposed to a new online audience.

Display your enterprise on Google Map

1. First of all, you need to visit Google’s Local Business Center and then you will have to enter you Google account username and password. The Google places page will ask you to enter the name of your country and your phone number. The phone number you enter should be your enterprise’s main phone number.

Then, you need to click on Find business information button. If any business is already listed with the phone number you entered, you will be allowed to edit and add new business details.


2. On the next page, you will be asked to enter your business information. Basic details such as name of your organization, address, postal code, and phone number should be entered correctly. You can also enter other details of your enterprise such as service areas and local settings, hours of operations, payment options, photos and even videos !

On the right side of the page, you will see a map. As you enter the address of your enterprise, the map will automatically show up the exact location of your business along with the business address. If the map does not show correct location, you can click on ‘Fix incorrect map’ link and you can manually move the pointer on the map to the correct location. Once you enter all the details correctly, you can hit the ‘Submit’ button.

3. The next step will let you validate your enterprise listing. Three choices are available to validate your business listing on Google Maps namely, by phone (you will receive a call on your main business phone that you entered); by SMS (on your main business phone or any other number that you specify) or a postal address. You can then click on the ‘Finish’ button after you read and agree to the Google’s term and service. You will then receive a validation PIN on your phone or postal address.


4. You will then see a page that will ask you enter the PIN that you received.After entering the PIN number, you need to click on Go. If you made any mistake in entering the correct PIN, you can ask Google to send you a new PIN by clicking on ‘Request another PIN’.

Once you have entered correctly, you will see a confirmation page that will let you know that have successfully validated the listing of your enterprise. Even though the listing may appear as ‘Active’ in the dashboard, it may take some time to show up on Google Maps.


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