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One of the reasons you probably use a smartphone is that it gives you access to the internet on the go. However, you might have experience a slow speed for some websites of your phone for various reasons. The page may not render properly and navigating on such a page can be a terrible experience. Your phone may start behaving very sluggishly.

Why am I not able to view complex sites on my phone’s browser?

You may observe that you do not experience any problem in viewing a particular website on your PC. The same website can take a longer time to load when you access them on your phone. The reason behind it is that almost all websites are designed in such a way that they can be best viewed on computers. In other words,  many sites are not optimised for  small-screen devices like your  mobile phone. On the other hand, there are many popular websites,  which offer a mobile version of their websites in case users are trying to access their websites. Some examples are Paypal,  Facebook,  Google, etc . So what to do in case you are having a hard time viewing your favourite websites on your mobile phone?

There is a simple trick through which you can you access complex sites that do have support for mobile phone version. You can make use of this service from Google  that will effectively help in viewing heavy sites in mobile version. The service quickly adapts complex sites to mobile phone version and makes it possible to view them seamlessly on your phone. Even though the service is not endorsed by Google, it efficiently formats the complex sites,stripping out unnecessary content  for viewing on small screen devices .

How can I use this service?

Just enter on your phone’s browser addressbar and hit Go . You will then see a mobile friendly version of the site.

Heavy websites, especially one which contain lots of images  can result in a lot of data transfer or cause the page to load slowly. If this a concern for you, you can uncheck the Hide Images option on the page and you will be able to view a text version only of the website. One more reason to uncheck that option is that you might pay a lower internet fee to your mobile operator as most of them usually charge you based on the amount of data you have transferred . If you wish to view web pages in their original format and not in mobile phone version format, you can simply switch back by clicking on View page directly.

On the right hand  side,you can see a screenshot of how this awesome tool makes viewing of Darktips a breeze .Do share with us  your experience with this service from Google.Happy surfing !


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