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Restrict adult content on iphone and IpadYou let your children play with your iPhone or iPad, but have you enabled parental control on your Apple device yet? If the computer offers the possibility to surf on any type of websites without any restriction, we often forget that Apple’s products such as the iPhone, iPad and even the iPod touch offers the same possibility.

Why activate parental control

Despite the effort of Apple, some applications on the app stores are still unsuitable for all ages. Even worst, if your children secretly install it on your iPhone or iPad, be prepared to pay for the bill.

Apart from applications, not all movies on the ITunes store is safe for all audiences.

Activating parental control on your iPhone or iPad allows you to better control which application or type of movies can be watched. Other activities that can be restricted include watching YouTube Videos, using Safari or iTunes. Adding a layer of restriction is pretty useful if you don’t want to get a surprise with your internet bill at the end of the month.

How to activate parental control

Fortunately, you don’t have to download and install third party applications on your iPhone or iPad to set parental control. This feature is already integrated in iOS. You just have to enable and tweak it according to your needs.

Step 1: General Setting

Go to “Settings” on your iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad. By default, this icon will be on the main page of installed applications. If you have moved this application at any time, navigate to its current location and open it.

Step 2: Restrictions

Tap “General.” This will load a new screen of options. From the list on screen, tap “Restrictions.”

Set up parental control on Ipad,Iphone,Ipod touch
Parental Control Set up on iPad

Step 3 :Enable Restrictions

Tap “Enable Restrictions”.If this is the first time you’re enabling restrictions on your device, you will be forced to enter a four digit passcode. This can be any four digit code you are comfortable with, and should be one that you can remember.

Setting Passcode for parental control
Setting Passcode on Ipad, Iphone or Ipod Touch

Step 4 : Select Application to Restrict

Select the applications that you want to restrict. This can be any application on the device, including ones like YouTube and Safari that come pre-installed and can’t be completely removed. Tap the “ON” button next to a particular application to toggle the restrictions on and off as needed.

Set Application restriction on iPad
Set Restrictions on App

Step 5 : Allowed Content Type

Scroll down to the “Allowed Content” portion of the window on screen. This allows you to specify what types of media content that can be viewed. For example, if you don’t want a young child to be able to watch R-rated movies from the iTunes Store, you can restriction access to such content in this portion of the window.

restrict movies pg r-rated movie on itunes ipad

Press the “Home” key to exit the “Settings” application when finished. Anytime a person tries to view content that has been restricted, they will be automatically prompted to enter the passcode. If they cannot provide the passcode, they will be unable to view the content.


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