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We often come across interesting articles that we do not always  have the time to read.  Sure,  we all know the common  method for reading a web page later is to bookmark it in your browser and access it whenever we want to get back to it. However,the problem is that your browser will only save the link and not the content of the web page.

Pocket (formerly ReaditLater) takes bookmarking to the next level by allowing users to save articles, videos and other content types into one space. It makes collecting data from difference sources on the web a breeze. With more than 4.5 million users worldwide, it is safe to say this app is definitely a must have app for those who want to have a daily dose of online reading and viewing experience. This service allows you to synchronize your bookmarks from one computer to your favorite device, whether it is your mobile phone, smartphone or even your tablet. Pocket automatically makes the content adaptable to your tablet or mobile device to make the reading more interesting. This service also has an offline reading mode so that you can consult your web pages in places where you do not have access to an internet connection.

Sign up to Pocket

Go to Pocket to register for a free account. This will give you access to a free space to save your content. You just have to send this site all articles that you want to save,  and then you can later synchronize it to your tablet or mobile terminal.

Install the bookmarklet

The bookmarklet allows you to send all the articles
you want to read later to your account automatically. To install it, log  into your account and go to this page and drag the pocket button to your browser’s bookmark tab. Each time you visit a new website you want to save for later reference,  click on this button.

Firefox Extension

The firefox extension gives you more flexibility such as integrating Pocket to your Google Reader.It also provides you an offline mode that automatically make all saved web pages available offline !

To use the offline feature,go to the plug-in option, select Offline from the left menu and check all 3 available options.

Orbvious Interest for Chrome

Better than the official bookmarklet,Orbious Interest is an extension for Chrome that gives you more features like Add,Remove and Edit Pages.After installing the plug in , click on the red cross at the top of your browser,click on the ‘Mark as unread‘ button and then add a few tags to the page you are saving .Unfortunately the offline reading mode is not available in Chrome.


View Offline on mobile device and your computer

To consult your saved web pages offline on your computer ,you should download Read It Later plug in and click the ‘down arrow’ icon from the plug in option.This will then save all content to your computer locally.You can then select a web page from the Reading List to view a web page offline.

If you want to view it on your Ipad/Iphone or Android smartphone,download the corresponding application from the official website.You can see  screenshots below how darktips articles appear on the Pocket Ipad app.(Click to enlarge).



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