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Facebook tends to notify you of every single  activity of your friends in your network. Each time you log into your account to see what your friends have been posting only to find that certain friends have achieved a milestone in Farmville, or you have received several requests to play Angry Birds. The same holds true for these annoying notifications every time someone adds you to a group without your consent or invites you to attend an event.

Turn off Facebook email notification

Even worse,  these notifications are often sent to your email inbox as well, extolling you with every last details of what your friends and acquaintances are up to. In this short guide, I’ll show you how you can tweak your Facebook settings so that these notifications do not overflow your Facebook feeds or email inbox.

Disable Facebook notifications (on-site)

Thanks to the recent Facebook change, you can now get rid of these Facebook notification right from the menu on the top. Each time you receive an event, group, photo comment or game notification, hover on it and click on the small cross that will appear in the top right corner.

Disable Facebook notifications

Depending on which type of notification you selected, click on either  Unfollow or Turn off to disable these unwanted notifications.

Disable or turn off facebook notification


Turn off Facebook email notifications

Facebook allows you to choose which type of email notifications you wish to receive. Head up to Account Settings and select Notifications on the left menu. Under the Recent Notifications label, you will see all emails that were sent recently to you. You can disable each notification type individually by clicking on the envelop icon.

Facebook notification settings
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You can also choose to turn off notifications from groups, pages or events. This option is available under the All notifications label. This will give you access to each individual line that appears in your notification section. Simply click on Edit to expand the menu and uncheck the appropriate boxes you no longer wish to receive. This should eliminate most, if not all of your email clutter coming from Facebook.

remove Facebook email notifications

While this will undoubtedly take you a fair amount of time as you will need to go through each section one by one, but by the time you are finished, you should never have to worry about this mess again.


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Tuesday, August 7th, 2012

Awesome ! i'll get these annoying facebook notifications turned off right now ! thanks for the tips .