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The fact that it is not very secure to give your email password to another person, Gmail gives you the possibility of sharing your account with multiple users.  In order for them to take advantage of this, you will have to give these users access rights beforehand. Guest users can read, send and delete messages but cannot change your settings.

1) Log on to the Gmail account you want to share. Click on Settings.

2) Open the Accounts and Import tab.

3)Under  Grant access to your account, click Add another account.

4) Then enter the email of the person (who must also have a Google account) to which you wish to grant  access. Click Next Step.

5) Click Send email to grant access.

6) The other user will receive an email where he  must click on the link provided to indicate that he accepts the email access.

7) After about thirty minutes while the service is activated, the other user will have an arrow beside his email address in Gmail. By clicking on it,he will be able to choose your account to switch to it and see your messages and send new mails on your behalf.

Note :

You can share your email with up to 10 people. To remove a permission, go back in your Account Settings and click Remove to delete the user in question.


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