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upgrade your to the new ipad 3Apple tends to release a new model of its iPad tablet device every twelve months. These tablets don’t just have new features; they also tend to be faster and sleeker in design. An iPad is an expensive commitment, so it’s natural to question whether an upgrade is really necessary. However, if you’re experiencing a few key signs that every iPad user will eventually come to know, you should realize that it’s time to upgrade your iPad.

1. Poor Performance of Application

If your iPad or iPhone start running slower than you’re comfortable with, it’s probably a sign that you need to upgrade to the latest iPad. The software developers that make and release applications for the iPad tend to program them with the latest and greatest hardware in mind. If an application is released at the same time as a new model iPad, for example, it will be designed to run perfectly on that new version. However, these companies also regularly release updates to their software that could cause the application that has always run perfectly to slow down as your iPad ages. This is especially true of applications that store large amounts of data, like eBook reading applications.

2. iOS not upgradable

If you can’t upgrade to the newest version of iOS, it’s time to buy a new iPad. Just because Apple has released a new version of the iPad’s operating system doesn’t mean your model will be able to run it. For example, iOS version 6 isn’t compatible with the original model iPad. Not being able to update your iPad to the latest operating system  means your are missing out over 200 new features.

3. Missing Camera

If you need a camera, it’s time to upgrade your iPad. The original model iPad, released in 2010, did not feature a camera. All iPad models released afterwards do have the ability to capture both photos and videos. If your iPad is getting older and you want to buy a camera anyway, why not kill two birds with one stone. Take the money you would have spent on a new camera and put it towards the cost of the upgrade.

4. Expensive After-sale service

Service will eventually get very expensive. As Apple hardware devices like the iPad get older, it becomes harder to have them serviced. There will likely come a time where the cost of getting your iPad serviced is half or more of the cost of a new model. When that time eventually comes, the money would be better spent upgrading to a new iPad that will run problem free for the next few years.

 5. Running out of space

If you’re out of hard drive space, consider backing up your data on Apple’s iCloud to have some free space on your iDevice before thinking of upgrading your iPad. If you bought one of the smaller-sized iPad models and need more space, don’t make the same mistake twice. Consider buying the biggest size you can afford. Apple iPad models are commonly available in 16 gigabyte, 32 gigabyte and 64 gigabyte models. Future models will likely have even more storage space beyond the current limit of 64 gigabytes.

There it is,five signs that indicates that your current iPad is obsolete and it’s time to consider buying the latest tablet from Apple.


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