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You have another email address, perhaps one given by your ISP’s (Internet Service Provider) or maybe  you want all your Yahoo email or hotmail to go into your gmail inbox? You can retrieve messages from these addresses and send it directly into Gmail. This will  in fact, allow you to configure up to 5 additional POP accounts.

  •  Open  Accounts tab.

  • Click Add another email account you own.

  • Enter the email address of the account you want to add then click Next Step

  • Then fill in the username, password and server address for POP 3  server. Feel free to check with the supplier of your email address if you do not know this information.
  • Check the box leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server if you wish to continue receiving emails from this address in your software or your usual webmail, in addition to Gmail.
  • To identify messages coming from that account in Gmail, check the Apply Label to incoming messages. To change the wording to be displayed next to these messages, scroll down the list, select New and enter the label text.
  • Click Add Account.
  • Gmail offers you the possibility of sending messages with your other email address.  Choose the option that you want and click Next Step.

  • Before you can send messages with your old email address, Gmail must check that the e-mail address you entered really belongs to you.  To check this, click Send Verification.

  • Gmail will then send a message with a code to your email address. Get this message in your webmail, or your usual email software and take down the code.
  • Copy the code in the appropriate box and click the Check button.
  • Now you will receive your mails from your other addresses as well, directly within Gmail.
  • When you send a new message, you can choose which address to send it from: your Gmail address or your other email address.


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