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VLC Player is considered as the king of media players. There’s no doubt about it. We have previously covered some hidden features in VLC Player such as how to fix audio and video synchronization issue, sync subtitle of your favorite movie and how to split videos or audio as well.

Today we will see how you can convert your videos or audios from one format to another. This is pretty useful if you want to watch a movie or listen to your favorite song on your iPad or iPhone.

  • 1. Open VLC Player. On the main screen, navigate to Media and from the drop down menu, select Convert / Save.
  • 2.Under the file tab, include the file(s) that you want to convert. If you have a separate subtitle file (.srt), you may include it as well if you want to inject the subtitle into the video.
  • convert videos vlc


  • 3.Click on the Convert / Save button. In the convert window, choose a destination folder, name the file, and pick up a video profile of your choice to convert your video.
  • Convert video using VLC Player

    It’s important to include the file extension when choosing your destination file. In my case, I added .mp4 since I want to convert my video to MP4 format. Other video formats you can pick are:  .ts, .ogg, .asf, .mp4, .wav .raw, .flv, .webm

    Once you are done, click on Start

Fast and easy, VLC player is no doubt the best and the most powerful out there. With advanced options that allow you to edit and create your own custom video profiles, you don’t need to spend a dim on paid conversion tools out there.

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  1. I’ve tried it and it works perfectly but the problem is that you have to watch the video play until the video conversion is completed.

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