Does Microsoft deserves credit for Windows 8 innovations? [Infographics]

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Since the release of the developer preview of Windows 8, Microsoft has acknowledged that the era of being tied to a single desktop computer is over. Windows 8 is the boldest, biggest redesign in Microsoft’s history. This strategy was important in order for Microsoft to catch up in the tablet and mobile market.

Windows 8 differ from previous editions in many aspects. It has a user interface optimized for use across a set of different devices, a marketplace to browse applications, can run on ARM devices and also ensure a secure boot. If we look more closely, several of these key innovations are already present elsewhere.

This infograph highlights those ‘innovations’ in Windows 8 and compare it with what the competitors are offering.

With all these “best of the worlds” in Windows 8, will Microsoft struggle to convince users to adopt Windows 8? Only time will tell.

Windows 8 infographic - Innovation or Not

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5 Comments to Does Microsoft deserves credit for Windows 8 innovations? [Infographics]

  1. I think Microsoft have gone too far with all these bold changes! Let’s face it,people hate changes!

  2. Really informative. Thanks. I think i’ll stick with my ol’ good windows 7 for now .. and be for the next few years .. 🙂

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